Month: September 2019


The besieged writer – director Woody Allen once offered that he did not want to achieve immortality through his work, he wanted to achieve immortality through not dying. Planting an apple tree is about as close to that as one can get. When the work of resurrecting Nye Hill Farm began, the first question was …

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When we first applied for organic certification, back in 2014, we were quite confident we were doing everything right. We had met the requirement that the farm be managed organically for three years prior to our application. That meant three years of sourcing organic seeds, refraining from the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Not …

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Animals don’t come here to die. They do, die here, but that’s not why they came. Some come abandoned, some discarded, some abused. Some just outgrew their owners’ interests or abilities. Some were simply unfortunate enough to outlive loving caretakers. Somehow those seem the saddest, the most lost. None, though, came to die. But they …

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A Day Nobly Spent

“How to spend a day nobly is the problem to be solved…” – Ralph Waldo Emerson A farm does not know what day it is. The fields know weather. The animals know routine. Nothing and no one knows what day it is. Monday, Thursday, Fourth of July, Christmas. To the farm they are all the …

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