Border Crossing

Nye HIll Farm's Barn with a wheelbarrow full of flowers sitting in front on a sunny day

“I am not young enough to know everything.” – Oscar Wilde A television production focusing on local interest stories visited Nye Hill recently. The piece was not to be about the farm per se, but about the role beekeeping plays on the farm. As conversations here always do, though, it wandered. We talked about our […]

So Many Years

An old stone wall foundation in the woods of new Hampshire

Birthdays here are celebrated with dinners, in the kitchen where we take all our meals, but birthdays are a bit more. The cooking is more involved, the table is set more formally and it’s set for more people. More time is spent, more laughs are had, more thoughts are shared. The most recent of these […]

The Endurance

The Nye Hill Produce truck with baskets full of produce next to it displaying a banner with the Nye Hill Farm logo and the text "Fresh Produce" written on it

THE ENDURANCE**apologies to Caroline Alexander, whose account of Earnest Shackleton’s antarctic expedition, of the same title, is unparalleled; all coincidences intended I began to be followed by a voice saying:“It can’t last. It can’t last.Harden yourself. Harden yourself.Be ready. Be ready.” The first verse of Wendell Berry’s “Song in a Year of Catastrophe”. Hard not […]

Holding Fast

A brown horse with a white stripe down the center of its face walks towards the camera through a pile of autumn leaves

Earth moves through space at what we estimate to be sixty-six thousand miles an hour. Sixty- six thousand miles. Per hour. Merwin wrote “we are all here together without knowing it flying at a speed beyond thinking.” Flying at a speed beyond thinking, we hold fast to this farm, with every bit of every kind […]

Unchopping a Tree

An expansive field with pine trees lining the right side under a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds

W.S. Merwin began his Tale… “After many winters the mossfinds the sawdust crushed bark chipsand says old friendold friend” What is believed to be the original wild apple forest rests in the Dzungarian Alps, in Central Asia. From that forest, nestled in the mountains between Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and China, sprung the thousands of apple varietals […]


A photo of the Nye Hill Barn set as a backdrop to a garden full of plants

An article recently appeared in a local advertising publication, entitled “Inconvenient Facts”. It begins with a quotation. “Organic practices can reduce climate pollution produced directly from farming – which would be fantastic if they didn’t also require more land to produce the same amount of food.” The article’s author states “This is the headline that […]


A black and white hog on its side sleeping in a pile of hay and straw

Our crew is fairly diverse. Some are peculiar, some curmudgeons and a few are downright cantankerous. Then there’s one in every crowd, happy. One of the crew is a discerning beer drinker but eschews beer flights. “Why? What’s not to like about a beer flight?” “Nothing, really, I just like a pint, simple as that. […]


A brown and white cow walks towards the camera with curiosity

Following a disappointing loss in a playoff game some years back, then Boston Bruin’scoach Claude Julien was pressed to explain his team’s lackluster performance. “Wehad three kinds of guys out there on the ice tonight,” he said with disdain. “Guys outthere trying to make something happen, guys out there waiting for something to happen,and guys […]


three horses and a mule grazing in the autumn in front of the Nye Hill barn

To reduce the possibility of legal action for libel from any person who believes that they have been defamed by their portrayal in this story, whether portrayed under their real name (Gwen) or a different name (Gwen), Nye Hill Farm disclaims as follows. All names, characters, incidents and locales portrayed in this story are fictitious. […]


A sky full of rolling gray clouds and the sun peaking through a sliver showing blue sky above

Nye Hill Farm was established in 1790, the year President George Washington delivered the nation’s first State of the Union Address. The farmstead’s original stone foundation still exists, intact. By the time Washington delivered his Farewell Address six years later, the Nyes had built the house in which we now live. The house’s hearth still […]