Nye Hill Produce

Produce from Nye Hill Farm

Our certified organic produce is served in local restaurants such as The Stage Restaurant & Café, 21 Bar and Grill, Fireworks Keene and Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant. It can also be found in local retailers such as The Monadnock Food Coop. We are proud to regularly support The Keene Community Kitchen with fresh produce, and on Monday evenings throughout the summer we make fresh fruits and vegetables accessible and affordable to those for whom it might otherwise not be, setting up our farm stand in Roxbury Center.

As a diversified, ecologically viable and economically sustainable farm, we offer more than fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the summer and fall. We have resident potters hand-crafting clay and ceramic ware. We have our wool spun into yarn. We tap our maple trees and make pure maple syrup and maple candy, and in a return to the days of yore, we have brought brewing back to the farm, following in the footsteps of founding farmers such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The Brewers of Nye Hill Farm strive to source local and American ingredients and, of course, our own farm produce. In our barn-based brewery, overlooking our orchard, pastures and fields, we produce small batches of fresh beer, our flagship series of Pale Ales aptly named “Nye P.A.”

yarn sitting on a table outside
Fresh lettuce growing in soil

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And did we say we brew beer? We are the Brewers of Nye Hill Farm...

From this country’s very beginning, brewing was commonplace on farms. It was only the Industrial Revolution and improvements in the transportation of goods that spelled the demise of hand crafted, small batch beers brewed locally on farms, much as they spelled the demise of many farms themselves. Here, we’ve embarked to follow in the footsteps of the founding farmers. As the on-site brewers, the Brewers of Nye Hill Farm, we strive to source local and American ingredients and, of course, our own farm produce. We brew in single barrel batches in our barn-based brewery that overlooks our orchard, pastures and fields. Craft, not crafty. We are farmers and brewers and we brew the same way we farm, with good intentions and honest ingredients, hands-on in the tradition of the Slow Food movement we passionately embrace. That movement, with all its rustic pleasures, inspires and informs much of what we do here at Nye Hill Farm, including what we’re doing in our brewery. Better meals, better beer, better life. For more, go to nyehillbrewers.com or check us out on Facebook.